SINOMA Wuhan Delegate Went to Da Nang, Vietnam to Attent the IIBCC Conference

author:                     source:                     time:2014-09-17


September 15, 2014, SINOMA Wuhan delegates went to Da Nang to attend the IIBCC conference.

IIBCC conference is one of the most famous organization for study and research of fiInorganic Bonded Fiber Composites in the world.

The IIBCC (International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composites Conference) provides the perfect opportunity for interaction between people with a common interest in all types of inorganic-bonded products and technologies including fiber-cement, fiber-gypsum, fiber-ceramics, wood cement products (WWCB, CBPB, WRCB), brick and block composites and other related topics. A wide variety of these technologies are extensively manufactured around the world while others are in concept stage. 

At the IIBCC, manufacturers, potential customers, key suppliers and experts around the world meet to learn more about the various technologies as well as to expand their knowledge of market perspectives while developing business relationships.

SINOMA-Wuhan presented the conference as an exhibitor. During the conference, delegate of SINOMA Wuhan made a wonderful speech to show SINOMA Wuhan's technology and product.